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              About Us
              Practical Translations Ltd (PracTrans) is a member of the Translators’ Association of China and the British Chamber of Commerce in China.
              The way we translate is first rate. Got a complex message? Require a swift turnaround? Need absolute attention to nuance in your document? Give us anything to translate and we will spell it out so you stand out!
              Practical Translations has been in the translation business for almost 19 years, providing interpretations for customers across the world. Language is our business and we love it! We’ve translated in many fields: law, environmental protection, news, business. We’ve translated highly technical and academic documents. We’ve done simultaneous interpretations, audio and video translations, plus multiple-language video subtitling and dubbing.
              Eloquence is guaranteed with our team of highly trained in-house linguists. We are skilled to native speaker level and your important words will be translated into natural, fluent language. Find your finest expression with us.
              Interpreting Services
              Domain-specific Translations
              • Legal Translations
              • News, broadcasting and media translations
              • Energy and environmental protection translations
              • Intellectual property and patent translations
              • Investment & Finance Translations
              • Construction and engineering translations
              • Machinery translation
              • Medicine and medical device translations
              Hands-on Cases
              Unparalleled Strengths
              • Translating demands a brain work of concentrated professionalism nature. The persistently dependable and quality translations are always built on close collaboration between a stable, high caliber and disciplined in-house linguist team, an experienced project management team and DTP professionals.
              • Our continuous development is underpinned by innovations in every aspect, be it management innovation, process innovation, or business innovation, which are also what the management of the Linguist Team highly values in daily work.
              • We attach greater importance to every translation assignment than our clients from keeping confidentiality for clients, helping clients identify problems in the source files to seeking advice from clients (if necessary). We understand that a great concern over translation quality represents the supreme respect towards our clients.
              • We do translating, not a deal! Since our inception in January 2003, the Linguist Team at PracTrans has been committed to a lifetime pursuit, i.e., keeping away from fickleness, accumulating steadily and becoming dignified “craftsmen” in translating field.
              • Thanks to our complete staffing and 16 years of practice, we have put in place a set of integrated and pragmatic workflow and empowered ourselves to deliver translations above-and-beyond the industrial average standard.
              • Our Native Translations are jointly performed by Chinese linguists and the native speakers of the target languages, for example we have British and American professionals, old China hands, fluent in Chinese, translating from Chinese to English.
              • All associates at PracTrans undertake to observe the philosophy that for the tasks within our capacity, we will spare no pains to ensure no errors; regarding any task that goes beyond our competence, we will, by no means, shy away from our weakness; rather, we will seek assistance both internally and externally to see the problems are properly solved at last.
              • Keeping secrets for our clients is part and parcel of our work. We organize independent project team for every client. Information within each project team is kept strictly confidential from those outside. Without authorization, any staff outside the team has no right to access the confidential information of the clients. All employees are required to sign the Employee Non-disclosure Agreement when joining PracTrans, and we enter into the Translation Non-disclosure Agreement with the clients. Together, these steps better ensure the safety of clients’ information legally.
              What We Do
              • We provide written translation services in 25 languages both to and from Chinese and foreign languages. We offer our clients two categories of written translation: Elite Translation and Native Translation. At present, our written translation services cover 8 industries.
              • We have a sophisticated team of interpreters who offer premium interpreting services to international conferences all year round. We have, since our founding, brought off interpretation assignments of hundreds of international/regional conferences, including the Boao Forum for Asia and the APEC international conferences.
              • Unlike consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation requires specialized equipment, including a host of devices, including central control unit, infrared transmitters, infrared emission motherboard, interpreter’s work platform, high quality dynamic headphones etc. We provide full set of BOSCH digital equipment and experienced technical staff offering on-site installation and commission services.
              • Our video editing team, working closely with our translators, can transform your audio and video materials from the source language to any target language as required. We offer a great range of services – from audio and video finishing to text translation, changing and adding subtitles, and dubbing.
              • We provide on-site stenography, recording of audio files in Chinese and foreign languages, and the translating services of stenographic and recording documents in multiple languages.
              • We offer our clients complete desk top publishing service, including text and imaging, integrated graphics and text editing, page design and creative design services. The graphics and desk-top editing software we use includes FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, MS Word and Powerpoint.