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              品格為英國TMF集團(TMF Group)提供高級翻譯,語種:ENG → CHI,內容:《公司行為守則》。
              Sample of real translation (Confidentiality retained with XX)

              Equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion - TMF Group is committed to fostering diversity in our workforce

              TMF Group is committed to a standard whereby we promote equality of opportunity, provide an inclusive and positive workplace and eliminate any unfair or unlawful discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, physical features, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender identity/expression, sexual preference/orientation, religion or belief, age, family or marital status, neurodiversity and/or physical disability. 

              TMF Group promotes a culture of talent acquisition and development based on competency and potential and is committed to ensuring that recruitment, learning and promotion opportunities are given to existing (and future) employees in line with the equal opportunity principles.

              TMF Group has appointed a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Lead in each of our Markets. We encourage all our employees to get involved by defining topics and activities that matters to you locally and personally, and by participating in events and conversations in our offices and on our internal communications platform.
              Corporate Social Responsibility - Using our position as experts on good governance to support social entrepreneurs

              At TMF Group we recognise our privileged position in this world and are committed to giving back to the communities around us.

              By providing a simplified view of the complexities organisations are facing and helping companies navigating through this complexity, TMF Group facilitate investments and trade across the world, thereby enabling growth and prosperity in the countries in which we operate.

              We have launched a partnership with Ashoka and a global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme, focusing on social entrepreneurship, with good governance as the global theme. Through the CSR programme, we support selected social entrepreneurs, who are focused on generating positive social impact with their businesses, as well as providing pro-bono client services to Ashoka’s own organisation.

              下一篇:品格為杭州市婦產科醫院提供母語級翻譯,語種:CHI →ENG,內容:醫院介紹。