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              品格為杭州市婦產科醫院提供母語級翻譯,語種:CHI →ENG,內容:醫院介紹。
              Sample of real translation (Confidentiality retained with XX)

              The International Medical Center of Hangzhou Women’s Hospital has an extensive range of top medical resources. It will find you the medical expert you need and develop a tailor-made treatment plan, caring for you how and when you wish. Currently, the International Medical Center has signed contracts with many medical service partners such as China Pacific Insurance, Cigna & CMB, MediLink, DIAN, MSH and Tailong Bank, and it appoints experts for patients through the general registration system of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

              Mom & Infant Care Center
              The International Medical Center offers life-long health management through its high-quality facilities which range from a prenatal diagnosis center, reproductive endocrinology center, child health center, postnatal pelvic floor restoration and beauty center, to its menopause health center. In particular, it integrates nutrition, breast nursing, midwifery practice, TCM, psychology, postnatal recovery, and child growth and development into the antenatal care of the Obstetrics Department and provides personalized and premium services for pregnant and lying-in women at the Confinement Center and other units.

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