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              首頁> 真實譯文展示
              品格為清影藝術空間提供高級翻譯,語種: CHI → ENG,內容:紐約紙上藝術博覽會介紹。
              Sample of real translation (Confidentiality retained with XX)

              紐約紙上藝術博覽會(Art on Paper New York)將于2022年9月8日至11日在曼哈頓市中心的36號碼頭舉辦。參與此次盛會的100家畫廊將帶來獨特而振奮人心的藝術項目,展出現當代頂級的紙上媒介作品。紙上藝術博覽會也將因其與眾不同,成為紐約此時段最重要的藝術目的地之一。
              Art on Paper New York is going to be held in downtown Manhattan’s Pier 36 from September 8 to 11, 2022. 100 galleries participating in this grand event will bring unique and heart-stirring art projects and exhibit contemporary top-notch works with paper as the medium, which will make Art on Paper New York distinctive and one of the most significant destinations in New York during this time period.
              Inn Art Space will present Dongfan CHEN’s solo project at the art fair, exhibiting the artist’s paintings across different themes, forms and concepts by simulating the workshop scene.
              In recent two years, Dongfan CHEN hasn’t slowed down the pace in his art career due to the closed and disturbing world. Despite the strict global travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, he has been trying his best to travel between New York and China. Nomadic creation becomes his regular working state. Meanwhile, he has successively held multiple individual exhibitions in New York and Beijing and a large-scale staged retrospective exhibition in Hangzhou, and presented a magnificent public painting project in the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion of A4 Art Museum in Chengdu. As an ambitious artist in terms of creation, he has experimented in different fields of painting and delivered diversified works. His creation system involves narration, expression, abstraction and many other styles, which feature distinct symbiotic association.

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